4th Dimension roller coaster

A 4th dimension roller coaster is a type of roller coaster in which the cars have the ability to rotate on an axis perpendicular to that of the track. This rotation is either controlled, via extra rails on the track, or uncontrolled, allowing for a ride experience which varies depending on the weight distribution of the car.


The first 4th Dimension coaster to be built was X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It was designed and built by Arrow Dynamics and was the last ride to be made by them. The 4th Dimension design was bought along with the rest of Arrow Dynamics by S&S Worldwide. The company proceeded to sell two more 4th Dimension coasters; one in Japan, Eejanaika, and the other in China, Dinoconda. Both of these projects were manufactured by regional companies, subcontracted by S&S.

In 2007, the first ZacSpin installation opened. Kirnu was built by Intamin and is a much smaller 4th Dimension roller coaster which does not make any lateral turns. Three more ZacSpin installations have since opened.

After the 50% acquisition of S&S Worldwide by Sansei Yusoki, Co., Ltd, a new, smaller 4th Dimension roller coaster was sold to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The product is called Free Spin. Batman The Ride opened in 2015 and features free-spinning seats. A clone of this ride opened at Six Flags Great Adventure the following year. An even smaller, and family-orientated, 4th Dimension roller coaster called Roller Ball was introduced by Ride Engineers Switzerland with the first installation opened in 2018. Like the ZacSpin and Free Spin, this coaster does not make lateral turns, however unlike previous 4th Dimension roller coasters, the cars only have seats on one side of the track.


The seats on the train are located at either side of the track. These seats are rotated to different angles at different points in the ride to add excitement.


The rotation of the cars is achieved by having four rails on the track: two of these are running rails while the other two are for spin control. The two rails that control the spin of the seats move up and down relative to the track and spin the seats using a rack and pinion gear mechanism.

Similar Rides

The trains on a winged roller coaster are similar to a 4th Dimension train. Both ride types seat riders at either side of the track, but a winged roller coaster does not rotate riders.


Name Amusement park Country Manufacturer Spinning Opened Status
X2 Six Flags Magic Mountain
Arrow Dynamics Controlled 2002 Operating
Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland
S&S Worldwide Controlled 2006 Operating
Kirnu Linnanmäki
Intamin Free-Spin 2007 Operating
Inferno Terra Mitica
Intamin Free-Spin 2007 Operating
Insane Gröna Lund
Intamin Free-Spin 2009 Operating
Tranan Skara Sommarland
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2009 Operating
Formally Green Lantern: First Flight
La Ronde
Formally Six Flags Magic Mountain
Intamin Free-Spin 2020
Closed 2019
Dinoconda China Dinosaurs Park
S&S Worldwide Controlled 2012 Operating
Batman The Ride Six Flags Fiesta Texas
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2015 Operating
Joker Six Flags Great Adventure
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2016 Operating
Arashi Nagashima Spa Land
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2017 Operating
Joker Six Flags Over Texas
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2017 Operating
Joker Six Flags Great America
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2017 Operating
Joker Six Flags New England
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2017 Operating
Wonder Woman Coaster Six Flags México
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2018 Operating
Wilde Hilde Schwaben Park
Ride Engineers Switzerland Free-Spin 2018 Operating
unknown Fairytale Land
S&S Worldwide Free-Spin 2020 Under construction