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Golden Horse

Golden Horse

Golden Horse

Golden Horse is a Chinese roller coaster and amusement ride manufacturer.

Golden Horse was established in 2007. they have one branch company and two wholly-owned subsidiaries, totally 140,000 square meters of advanced production base, Golden Horse have over 1000 employee.

Golden Horse is located in Zhongshan City, the hometown of the great man-Sun Yat-Sen. The predecessor of Golden Horse - the machine tool plant of Zhongshan City was built in 1965. In 1983, Golden Horse came out, dedicated to amusement equipment designing, manufacturing, installing, and theme park investing, and managing. Now, Golden Horse becomes the biggest and most famous rides manufacturer company in China.

To meet the high-level social needs of culture consumption and hi-tech entertainment, Golden Horse is building a novel business system combined with amusement industry, tourism, estate industry, and culture industry. It also cooperates with famous colleges and Universities at home and abroad, scientific research institution, and international famous technology amusement companies. Golden Horse is devoted to researching hi-tech entertainment products integral of sound and optical-electricity, mechanism, and animation.

Golden Horse will be in line with the international level, try his best to be the first grade enterprise of amusement industry and supply the best products and service to the world.

On 28 December,2018, Golden Horse was listed on the A-share stock market and at present they are the Only Listed rides manufacturer in China!

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