West View Park

Amusement park in the United States

West View Park
West View, Pennsylvania, USA
Coordinates 40°31′00″N 80°02′08″W / 40.516740°N 80.035690°W / 40.516740; -80.035690
Status Defunct
Operated 1906 to 1977

West View Park was an amusement park located in West View, Pennsylvania, USA. It operated from 1906 to 1977. The park remained standing but not operating until 1980.


West View Park opened in the afternoon of May 23, 1906.[1]

Demolition work began on September 2, 1980. The following day, a fire destroyed part of the Dips roller coaster.[2] A retail park was built on the site, within which the first shops opened in 1981.[3]


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Racing Whippet Edward A. Vettel Wooden 1927 1977 Scrapped
Dips Edward A. Vettel Wooden 1912 1977 Scrapped
Figure 8 Edward A. Vettel Wooden 1909 1926 Scrapped
Figure 8 Unknown Wooden 1906 Unknown Unknown
Greyhound Unknown Wooden 1917 >1928 Scrapped
Kiddie Dips Edward A. Vettel Wooden 1949 1977 Scrapped
Wild Mouse Unknown Wooden 1955 1963 Scrapped
Brownie Coaster W.F. Mangels Company Powered Unknown Unknown Unknown


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