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Dips (West View Park)

Roller coaster in the United States
West View Park
Location West View, Pennsylvania, United States
Status Defunct
Operated 1912 to 1977
Cost 50,000
Designer / calculations Edward A.Vettel / T.M. Harton
Type Wooden
Track layout Out and Back
Propulsion chain lift

Dips was a Wooden roller coaster formerly located at West View Park in West View, Pennsylvania, United States.


Dips opened for the 1912 season, as Leap the Dips. Later on, it would simply be called Dips. The ride costed 50,000 dollars to construct and build. For the 1929 season, Dips would be transformed from a side friction coaster into a traditional roller coaster with upstop wheels. In 1977, the ride would close along with the park. However, the ride would be standing but not operating up until 1980, when part of the ride caught on fire and burned down. The park and the remaining parts of the coaster would be demolished and scrapped, and the park would be converted into the West View Park Plaza.

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