Edward A. Vettel

Edward A. Vettel was an American roller coaster designer. Throughout his career he designed a total of 11 different rides, with only one standing operating today.

Edward A. Vettel
Born 1878
Died 1952
Years active 1909-1949


Edward A. Vettel was born in 1878, and immigrated to the USA from Germany in 1881, where he slowly built up a name for himself working within the industry, when he was hired by Cedar Point, Kennywood, and West View Park.

In 1908, his first design made its way to the public with Figure 8 at West View Park.

Roller coasters

Name Amusement Park Opening Date Status
Figure 8 West View Park 1909 Defunct
Dips West View Park 1912 Defunct
Jack Rabbit Idora Park 1914 Defunct
High Frolics Cedar Point 1918 Defunct
Racing Whippet West View Park 1927 Defunct
Rocket Ocean View Amusement Park 1929 Defunct
Thunderbolt Six Gun Territory 1931 Defunct
Blue Streak Conneaut Lake Park July 4, 1938 Defunct
Zephyr Pontchartrain Beach 1939 Defunct
Cyclone Lakeside Amusement Park May 17, 1940 Standing but not operating
Kiddie Dips West View Park 1949 Defunct