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Rocket (Ocean View Amusement Park)

Roller coaster
Ocean View Amusement Park (Virginia)
Location Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1927 to 1979
Designer / calculations Edward Vettel, Herbert Paul Schmeck
Type Wooden
Height 90 feet
Also known as SkyRocket - HELP

Rocket, Also known as Skyrocket, was a wooden roller coaster located at Ocean View Amusement Park in Norfolk, Virginia that was built in 1927 and demolished in 1979 following the closure of the amusement park.



In 1977 Rocket was featured in a crime thriller film titled, "Rollercoaster" starring Henry Fonda.


The demolition of Rocket in 1979 was far from a standard demolition. Film crews working on a made for TV film that was set at Ocean View Park titled, "The Death of Ocean View Park" arranged to include the demolition of the roller coaster as part of the film.[1] As such, the roller coaster was set with explosives, sections (including track) were partially cut with saws to weaken the structure and ensure its destruction. Rocket then awaited its fate during the filming of the scene. However, when the time came, the massive explosions went off but Rocket wouldn't budge.[1] A reshoot was set up and yet again, there it stood only having some minor darkening of the wood and a few twists in the metal track toppers. A final attempt came and, to be sure the structure actually fell this time, the crew also employed the help of various construction vehicles to pull and push the structure during the explosion. This time things went as planned and Rocket and Ocean View Amusement Park were officially no more.[2]





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