Booster Maxxx G4, a Fabbri Booster which reaches a height of 180 feet
Closeup of a gondola on a Booster

Booster is a type of amusement ride based on a pendulum. It is notable for its height and its resulting visual impact. Examples of the Booster operate at amusement parks and travelling fairs around the world.


The Booster consists of a vertical arm attached at its pivot point to the base of the ride. One or two gondolas are attached at either end, typically seating four riders each. Each gondola also spins vertically. When the arm is vertically orientated, riders unload and load one gondola while the other is at its maximum height. When operating, both the arm and the gondolas spin, flipping riders head over heels several times.

A travelling model can be assembled by three people in six hours and can fit into a single 13.7 metre trailer.[1]


Name Manufacturer Height Capacity per Cycle Additional Notes
Booster Fabbri 20-75m 8, 16, or 24 riders 75m version has never been produced
Vomatron Funtime 40-60m 4, 8, 16 or 32 riders Also available with seats that can rotate and flip[2]
SkyScraper Gravity Works 49m 4 riders
Speed KMG 35.8m 8 riders
Speed 16 KMG 45m[3] 16 riders First example of this will open in 2024[4]
Speed 32 KMG 65m 32 riders
Turbo Force Zamperla 37m 8 riders

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