Amusement park in Italy

Castelnuovo del Garda, Veneto, Italy
Status Operating
Opened 1975
Operator Merlin Entertainments
Area 25.9 ha (64 acres)

Gardaland is an amusement park located at Lake Garda in Castelnuovo del Garda, Veneto, Italy. The park is run and operated by Merlin Entertainments and is promoted as the first theme park in Italy.

Roller coasters

Present (8)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Blue Tornado Vekoma SLC 1998 Operating
Kung Fu Panda Master Fabbri Spinning 2016 Operating
Mammut Vekoma Mine train 2008 Operating
Oblivion: The Black Hole Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Coaster 2015 Operating
Ortobruco Tour Pinfari Family 1990 Operating
Raptor Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster 2011 Operating
Shaman Vekoma Sit-Down 1985 Operating

Past (2)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Prezzemolo Tour Zamperla Powered 1986 1989 Unknown
Zyklon Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1980 1984 Unknown
Sequoia Magic Loop S&S Worldwide Sit-Down 2005 2021 Scrapped



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Colorado Boat Mack Rides Log Flume 1985
Doremifarm SBF Visa Group Track Ride 2001
Flying Island Intamin Flying Island 2000
Fuga da Atlantide Intamin Shoot The Chute 2003
Giostra dei Cavalli Unknown Carousel 1975
Il Trenino di Nonno Pig Metallbau Emmeln Track Ride 2018
Jumanji - The Adventure Unknown Dark Ride 2022
Jungle Rapids Intamin River Rapids 1999
L'isola dei Pirati Metallbau Emmeln Roundabout 2018
Magic House Vekoma Madhouse 2001
Monorail Mack Rides Monorail 1989
Mr Ping's Noodle Surprise Mack Rides Teacups 1988
Peter Pan Mack Rides Sea Storm 1988
Space Vertigo Intamin Drop Tower 1998
Volaplano SBF Visa Group Monorail 2001
Wolf Legend SBF Visa Group Drop Tower 2024


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Asterline Saturn 7 Emiliana Lunapark Simulator 1979 1988 Unknown
Canyons Pinfari Track Ride 1975 2008 Scrapped
Nuvola HUSS Rainbow 1989 2001 Relocated to Cavallino Matto
Top Spin HUSS Top Spin 1993 2014 Relocated to Miragica

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