Olandese Volante

Roller coaster in Italy
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Olandese Volante
Location Valmontone, Lazio, Italy
Status Operating since 26 May 2011
Manufacturer Vekoma
Product Custom MK-900 M
Builder RCS GmbH
Type Steel - Mine Train - Virtual reality
Propulsion 2 chain lift hills
Length 681 metres
Inversions 0

Olandese Volante is a steel mine train roller coaster located at MagicLand in Valmontone, Lazio, Italy. It opened on 26 May 2011, along with the park. Olandese Volante is Italian for Flying Dutchman.



5 cars per train. Each car has three rows of two riders except the first car, which only has a single row. Each train seats 26 riders.

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