Amusement park in Italy

Valmontone, Lazio, Italy
Status Operating
Opened 26 May 2011

MagicLand is a theme park located in Valmontone, Lazio, Italy.


When the park first opened in 2011, it was formerly named Rainbow MagicLand and contained licensed properties from Rainbow, an Italian studio.[1] For the 2020 season, the Rainbow branding was dropped.[2]

Present roller coasters (5)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Cagliostro Maurer Söhne Spinning
May 26, 2011 Operating
Dune Vekoma Sit-Down May 26, 2011 Operating
Esplorabruco D.P.V. Rides Kiddie May 26, 2011 Operating
Olandese Volante Vekoma Mine Train May 26, 2011 Operating
Shock Maurer Söhne Launched 2011 Operating



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Battaglia Navale Preston & Barbieri Splash Battle 2013
Carosello Bertazzon Carousel 2011
Gattobaleno Time Machine Gosetto Suspended Dark Ride 2011
Giranido SBF Visa Group Ferris Wheel 2011
Jungle Express SBF Visa Group Junior Railway 2011
L'Isola Volante Vekoma Flying Island 2011
Maison Houdini Vekoma Madhouse 2011
Mongolfiere SBF Visa Group Balloon Tower 2011
Mystika SBF Visa Group Drop Tower 2011
Nui Lua Reverchon Log Flume 2019
Pilastro Magico Sunkid Heege Tower 2011
Ping Il Ragno SBF Visa Group Rockin' Tug 2011
Rapide Intamin River Rapids 2011
Safari SBF Visa Group Jump Around 2011
Stagno Magico SBF Visa Group Teacups 2011
Yucatan Intamin Shoot The Chute 2011


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Allo Scontro Gosetto Junior Dodgems 2011 2018 Unknown
Pixie River SBF Visa Group Spinning Raft 2011 2018 Unknown
Su e Giu SBF Visa Group Jets 2011 2018 Unknown


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