Cable lift

Cable tensioners on Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

The cable lift is a type of mechanism used on the lift hill of a roller coaster.

The cable lift utilizes a wire rope/cable loop in place of the traditional chain, which is attached to a short section of chain that engages the train's chain hook. Because a cable is much lighter than a chain, cable lifts are faster than chain lifts.

A cable also requires far less maintenance than a chain. Another advantage to park guests is that a cable lift is very quiet, partly because the main drive winch is located directly beneath the top of the lift, a location which will normally be relatively far from guest-accessible areas.[citation needed] The main disadvantage of a cable lift system is that it must return to the bottom of the lift hill after lifting each train, which does not apply to a continuously moving chain lift. This limits the usefulness of the cable lift in applications where the cable must travel a long distance and the interval between train departures is short.


Name Amusement Park Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Montaña Suiza Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo Erich Heidrich Side friction 1928 Operating
Rutschebanen Bakken Lebela Side friction May 16, 1932 Operating
Vuoristorata Linnanmäki Valdemar Lebech Side friction July 13, 1951 Operating
Millennium Force Cedar Point Intamin Giga May 13, 2000 Operating
Expedition GeForce Holiday Park Intamin Sit-down June 18, 2001 Operating
Goilath Walibi Holland Intamin Sit-down March 29, 2002 Operating
Thunder Dolphin Tokyo Dome City Intamin Hyper May 1, 2003 Operating
El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure Intamin Wooden June 12, 2006 Operating
Kawasemi Tobu Zoo Park Intamin Sit-down March 2008 Operating
T Express Everland Intamin Wooden March 14, 2008 Operating
Piraten Djurs Sommerland Intamin Sit-down May 1, 2008 Operating
Fly Over Mediterranean Happy Valley Intamin Sit-down January 17, 2009 Operating
Mega-Lite Happy Valley Intamin Sit-down August 16, 2009 Operating
Project 305 Kings Dominion Intamin Giga April 2, 2012 Operating
Skyrush Hersheypark Intamin Hyper May 26, 2012 Operating
Altair CCW-0204 Back To Earth Cinecittà World Intamin Sit-down July 24, 2014 Operating
Coaster Through the Clouds Nanchang Wanda Park Intamin Hyper May 28, 2016 Operating
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