Happy Valley (Shanghai)

Amusement park in China

Happy Valley
Songjiang, Shanghai, China
Status Operating
Opened 16 August 2009
Owner OCT Group
Website http://sh.happyvalley.cn/

Happy Valley (Chinese: 欢乐谷) is an amusement park located in Songjiang, Shanghai, China. The complex has an outdoor section. This is the fourth amusement park in the Happy Valley chain. It opened on 16 August 2009.[1]

Present roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Coastal Ant Golden Horse Kiddie August 16, 2009 Operating
Crazy Elves Zamperla Wild Mouse August 16, 2009 Operating
Diving Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard Diving August 16, 2009 Operating
Family Inverted Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted June 5, 2014 Operating
Mega-Lite Intamin Steel August 16, 2009 Operating
Mine Train Coaster Intamin Mine train October 2009 Operating
Wooden Coaster - Fireball Gravity Group Wooden August 16, 2009 Operating



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Boating School Preston & Barbieri Splash Battle 2009
Canyon Rafting Golden Horse River Rapids 2009
Carousel Golden Horse Gallopers 2009
Colorful Vortex Zamperla Teacups 2009
Energy Storm Zamperla Orbiter 2009
Gyro Swing Intamin Frisbee 2009
Happy Hot Wheels Zamperla Power Surge 2009
Haixi Angni Anhua Golden Horse Pirate Ship 2009
Heaven and Earth S&S Worldwide Drop Tower 2009
Hercules Nanfang Swinger Unknown
Kenpeguta Golden Horse Tower 2009
North Pole Adventure Sally Corporation Tracked Dark Ride 2009
Ocean One Golden Horse Track Ride Unknown
Peak Moment Zamperla Drop Tower 2009
Perfect Storm Mondial Top Spin 2009
Sea Plane Zierer Jet Ski 2023 or earlier
Sombrero Zamperla Polyp 2009
Spinning Hump Zamperla Disk'O 2009
Swing Umbrella Zamperla Waveswinger 2009
Torrent Golden Horse Shoot The Chute 2009
Treasure Island Intamin Observation Tower 2009
Whirlwind Nanfang Top Scan Unknown


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