Transfer track

The mechanism for switching a train between the main and transfer track on Kumali at Flamingo Land.
A sliding transfer track on Mega-Lite at Happy Valley. A train in storage is also visible.

A transfer track is a section of extra track used to store trains on a large roller coaster when they are not needed.


A transfer track allows the coaster to operate at full capacity in high season, and at a lower capacity on quieter days thus reducing the number of empty seats being cycled. Because trains can be stored on it, the transfer track also provides a maintenance area (some roller coasters have a separate maintenance shed as well as a transfer track).


Usually, a transfer track is accessed by a sliding section of track. Some roller coasters have sections of track which rotate.

On very large roller coasters, such as Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters, a sliding piece of track moves with a train on it. Olympia Looping also employs this method.

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