Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter (Brighton Pier no.2) 2015 01.jpg

A Helter Skelter (also called a slip) is a spiral-shaped slide with an interior staircase which may be either open-air or enclosed. The rider climbs the staircase while carrying a mat, which they then sit on to descend the slide.[1]

The British phrase "helter-skelter" is first known to have been used in the late 16th century and is an adverb meaning "in a confused or hurried fashion".[2]

Helter Skelter slides were introduced in the 1900s. A ride called the Helter-Skelter at Luna Park used the same type of slide and mats, but was not spiral-shaped.[3] At the time, the ride was often referred to as the Helter Skelter Lighthouse.

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