Status Defunct
Founded c1960
Key people Walter Spaggiari, Mack D. Duce and Giancarlo Casoli

SDC was an Italian amusement ride manufacturer, specializing in their Galaxi rollercoasters.

The name SDC is an acronym formed by the initial letters of each owners last name. Walter Spaggiari, Mack D. Duce, and Giancarlo Casoli.

Often, SDC rollercoasters are mistaken for those of Pinfari make, both of which are near identical. Differentiating the two are SDC plaques surrounding the ride in question, or plaques with "Duce" identification on the trains, in regards of Mack D. Duce. The model design was produced by both Pinfari and SDC.

Helix of the Galaxi rollercoaster, Cliffs Amusement Park.


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