Euro Mir

Roller coaster in Germany
Watch the on-ride POV
Location Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
Coordinates 48°15′54″N 7°43′11″E / 48.264914°N 7.719630°E / 48.264914; 7.719630
Park section Russia
Status Operating since 12 June 1997
Rider height
  • Minimum: 130 cm
  • Maximum: 195 cm
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Product Spinning Coaster
Type Steel - Spinning
Riders per train 16
Hourly capacity 1600
Propulsion Spiral lift
Height 28.3 metres
Top speed 80 km/h
Length 980 metres
Inversions 0
Duration 5
G-Force 4

Euro-Mir is a Mack Rides spinning roller coaster located at Europa-Park in Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. The ride opened on 12 June 1997. It is also the first Spinning Coaster installation from Mack Rides.



Colour scheme

Blue track and white supports. The track inside the building is black, and the supports throughout the first half of the ride are blue.


9 trains with 4 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 16 riders per train.

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