Schweizer Bobbahn

Roller coaster in Germany
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Schweizer Bobbahn
Location Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
Coordinates 48°15′59″N 7°43′18″E / 48.266314°N 7.721580°E / 48.266314; 7.721580
Park section Switzerland
Status Operating since 1985
Rider height 120 cm minimum
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Product Bobsled Coaster
Type Steel - Bobsled
Riders per train 12
Hourly capacity 1220
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Tyre propelled lift
Height 20 metres
Top speed 50 km/h
Length 487 metres
Inversions 0
Duration 2:05
G-Force 3

Schweizer Bobbahn is a Mack Rides bobsled roller coaster located at Europa-Park in Rust, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. The ride opened in 1985.


The ride featured a different layout when originally opening, but this was later changed to its current layout in order to fit the new Swiss village in 1993. These changes included making the first drop less steep, relocating the final helix by moving it a bit more towards the other helices, and elongating the final brake run to allow for more trains on the circuit.



The tyre propelled lift is part of the final brake run, but the final part of it is considered a lift by technicality; this part is slanted ever so slightly, making the train traveling upwards, albeit a tiny amount.

Colour scheme

White track and green supports.


5 trains with 6 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged inline in 2 rows, for a total of 12 riders per train.


Schweizer Bobbahn is German for "Swiss Bob Run".

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