Space Roller (Mitchell Smith)


Space Roller
Mitchell Smith (UK)
Location Travelling
Status Operating since February 2010
Joseph Smith (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated May 2007 to February 2010
Barry Island Pleasure Park
Location Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Operated May 1995 to 2006
Jimmy Beach (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated July 1993 to 1994
Stan Barley (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1993 to July 1993
Pat Humphreys (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1990 to 1992
Flamingo Land
Location Malton, North Yorkshire, England, UK
Operated 1984 to 1989
Rainbow Park
Location Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, UK
Operated 1982 to 1983
Keith Emmett (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated June 1980 to 1981
Location Texas, USA
Manufacturer Hrubetz
Product Round-Up

Space Roller is a Round-Up built by US manufacturer Hrubetz currently owned & travelled by UK showman Mitchell Smith.

The ride in 2012, under the ownership of Mitchell Smith

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