Enterprise (PowerPark)


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Location Alahärmä, Finland
Status Operating since 2019
Rider height 130 inch minimum
Bellucci (Italy)
Location Travelling
Operated April 2014 to 2018
Edward Burton (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated April 2006 to April 2014
Bob Wilson (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated 1989 to April 2006
Smart's Amusement Park
Location Littlehampton, West Sussex, England, UK
Operated 1985 to 1988
Barry Island Pleasure Park
Location Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Operated June 1980 to 1984
Old Chicago
Location Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA
Operated 1977 to March 17, 1980
Manufacturer HUSS
Product Enterprise
Capacity 40 per cycle
Power consumption 120 kW

Enterprise is an Enterprise built by German manufacturer HUSS currently located at PowerPark in Alahärmä, Finland.

The ride in 2006, under the ownership of Edward Burton

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