Pleasure Island Family Theme Park

Amusement park in the United Kingdom

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated 27 May 1993 to 29 October 2016
Owner DEWARSAVILE ENTERPRISES LIMITED - Melanie Wood (Owner - General Manager)
General manager Neil Ireland
Operating season March / April - October / November
Slogan Discover The Magic

Pleasure Island Family Theme Park was an amusement park in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UK.


The park was owned and operated by Flamingo Land until 2010. It was closed abruptly on 14 April 2010, with all staff being laid off. However, the park reopened in May 2010 with almost all staff being re-employed. The park had been purchased by one of its former managing directors, Melanie Wood.[1][2]

On 21 September 2016, Melanie Wood announced that the park would close at the end of the season. The final day of operation was 29 October and the park closed after a fireworks display.[3]

In January 2017, the undercover show arena for the Masai Warriors caught fire. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

During 2017 many of the rides and attractions were sold and removed from the park. In January / February 2018 Prestige Auctions from Grimsby announced an onsite public auction at Pleasure Island which would commence in March. On offer was signage, theming, kitchen equipment and merchandise. Along with all the theming, signage and animatronics etc from the Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure dark ride. Also on offer were a few of the remaining rides. Including the Cycle Monorail, Century 2000, ShrieksVille ghost train and the Carousel.

Past roller coasters (5)

Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Roller Boomerang Vekoma Shuttle May 27, 1993 October 29, 2016 Trans Studio Bali
Roller Crazy Loop Pinfari Sit-down March 31, 1996 2002 Brean Theme Park
Powered Go Gator A.R.M. Kiddie May 27, 1993 October 29, 2016 Travelling UK
Roller Four Man Bob Zierer Sit-down May 27, 1993 November 2001 Flamingo Land
Roller Mini Mine Train Vekoma Sit-Down May 27, 1993 October 29, 2016 Trans Studio Mini Pekalogan

Past attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
1001 Nights Weber Rainbow 1993 2000 Unknown
Alakazam HUSS Fly Away 2001 2016 Relocated to Fantasilandia
Astraslide Bennett Giant Slide 1993 2016 Relocated to Baghdad Island
Big Splash Weber Log Flume 1994 1996 Scrapped
Breakdance HUSS Breakdance 1994 2001 Travelling Netherlands
Carousel Robert Tidman Carousel 1993 2016 Travelling UK
Century 2000 J. Bakker Denies Ramba Zamba 1997 2016 Travelling UK
Clown Slide Modern Products Giant Slide 1993 2016 Sold - UK
Condor HUSS Condor 1998 2005 Travelling France
Cycle Monorail Vekoma Monorail 1993 2016 Relocated to Twinlakes Park
Dodgems Soli Dodgems 1993 2016 Relocated to Marleybrook House
Dream Boat Weber Traum Boot 1993 2000 Unknown
Falls of Fear WhiteWater West Dinghy Waterslides 1997 2016 Scrapped
Flying Chairs Unknown Chair-O-Plane 1994 2016 Travelling UK
Furry Friends Farm Tractor Ride Mack Rides Monorail 1993 2016 Scrapped
Galleon Zamperla Pirate Ship 2002 2016 Relocated to Gulliver's Valley Resort
Giant Wheel Unknown Ferris Wheel 1993 1997 Exported to India
Gravitron Vekoma Rotor 1993 1993 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Gravitron Vekoma Rotor 1995 2016 Relocated to Barry Island Pleasure Park
HydroMax Fabbri Booster 2006 2016 For sale
Hyper Blaster S&S Worldwide Double Shot 2000 2016 Relocated to Navy Pier
Junior Dodgems I.E. Park Dodgems 1993 2016 Relocated to Gulliver's Valley Resort
Major Orbit Modern Products Major Orbit 1993 2016 Scrapped
Obliterator Fabbri Evolution 2008 2016 Relocated to Baghdad Island
Octopus Robles Bouso Atracciones Polyp 1995 1999 Travelling Netherlands
Paratower Vekoma Paratower 1999 2012 Scrapped
Paratrooper Hrubetz Lifting Paratrooper 1993 2016 Travelling UK
Pendulus HUSS Frisbee 2003 2016 Relocated to Flambards Theme Park
Razzle Dazzle Turnagain Satellite 1994 2016 Travelling UK
Shrieksville W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Tracked Dark Ride 2010 2016 Relocated to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Snake Slide Zapfun Tube Slide 1993 2003 Stored
Terror Rack Fabbri Top Spin 1995 2016 Relocated to Sindbad Land
Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Dark Boat Ride 1993 2016 Parts sold to Twinlakes Park / Private Collectors
Tri-Star HUSS Tri-Star 1993 1994 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Voltar Vekoma Ranger 2015 2016 Relocated to Baghdad Island
Wagon Wheel Zamperla Ferris Wheel 1999 2004 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Whirly Twirl Empire Amusements Tilt-A-Whirl 1994 2016 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Zig Zag PWS Rides Twist 1993 1993 Relocated to Flamingo Land


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