Amusement park in Chile

The park entrance in 2016
Santiago, Chile
Status Operating
Opened 1978

Fantasilandia is an amusement park in Santiago, Chile.

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Boomerang Vekoma Shuttle 1996 Operating
Montaña Dragón Zamperla Powered 2002 Operating
Raptor Vekoma Inverted December 23, 2008 Operating
Wild Mouse Zamperla Wild Mouse
December 2006 Operating
Tren Minero Vekoma Sit-Down November 14, 2015 Operating


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Cyclon Pinfari Sit-Down 1994 December 2004 Unknown
Galaxy SDC Zyklon October 1978 February 18, 2013 Unknown



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Air Race Zamperla Air Race 2012
Barco Pirata SDC Pirate Ship 1982
Black Hole Self-built Dinghy Waterslides 1994
Crazy Dance Fabbri Breakdance 1999
Disko Zamperla Disk'O 2005
Fly Over Funtime Star Flyer 2017
Ford T Robles Bouso Atracciones Track Ride 1978
Kamikaze Fabbri Ranger 1993
Moby Dick Wisdom Rides Miami 2015
Pirate Revenge Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash 2014
Rockin' Tug Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2009
Skooter Barbieri Dodgems Unknown
Spider Zamperla Frisbee 2020
Tagada Fabbri Tagada 2017
Top Spin HUSS Top Spin 2004
Tren CP Chance Rides Miniature Railway Unknown
Tsunami Intamin Shoot The Chute 2008
Twister Hrubetz Lifting Paratrooper 2005
Volare Zierer Waveswinger 2010
Xtreme-Fall Fabbri Drop Tower 2002


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Casa Del Terror Robles Bouso Atracciones Tracked Dark Ride 1978 c.2014 Scrapped
Century 2000 Robles Bouso Atracciones Ramba Zamba/Swingaround 1978 Unknown Relocated to Felicilandia
Evolution Fabbri Evolution 1997 2019 Stored
Ikarus HUSS Condor 2011 2018 Unknown
Mississippi Ship Robles Bouso Atracciones Funhouse Unknown c.2012 Scrapped
Octopus Robles Bouso Atracciones Polyp 1978 1995 or later Relocated to Felicilandia
Super Hero HUSS Enterpise 2018 2023 Unknown
Tagada SDC Tagada 1982 2015 Scrapped

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