Zyklon (model)

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Klondike Gold Mine, a ZL42 model

Zyklon was a compact steel roller coaster model range manufactured by Italian company Pinfari. Zyklon roller coasters are easy and quick to transport, assemble and dismantle and thus they are common with travelling showmen. Many have also become permanent attractions at amusement parks.

The Zyklon is very similar in structure and track layout to other portable Italian roller coasters, and as a result the "Zyklon" name is often used to refer to all roller coasters of this style.



Z40 Z47 Z64 Z78
Height 33 feet 38 feet 52 feet 58 feet
Length 1,100 feet 1,427 feet 1,710 feet
Dimensions 130.7 feet x 49.3 feet 154.9 feet x 56.4 feet 210.7 feet x 53.2 feet 256 feet
Riders per hour (aprox) 900 950 1,000
Cars 6 8 10
Mass (metric tonnes) 34 42 72
Volume (m³) 210 Unknown 450
Power 10 kW (mechanical)
14 kW (lighting)
10 kW (mechanical)
18 kW (lighting)
13 kW (mechanical)
22 kW (lighting)
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Looping Zyklon

ZL42 ZL47 ZL50
Height 36 feet Unknown Unknown
Length 1,198 feet Unknown 1,428 feet
Dimensions 140 feet x 61 feet Unknown 164 feet x 67 feet
Riders per hour (aprox) 600 Unknown 1400
Power 22 kW (mechanical)
35 kW (lighting)
Unknown 20 kW (mechanical)
40 kW (lighting)
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