Madhouse (ride type)

The interior of Villa Volta at Efteling.

The Madhouse is an indoor family attraction, and a development on the Mystic Swing ride type. There are two competing products: the Madhouse from Vekoma and the Mystery Swing from Mack Rides.

The Madhouse consists of a seating area with four rows, two on either side of a central themed area, facing inwards. The seating area can rotate vertically. This seating area is situated within an outer shell which can spin on the same axis as the seating area. When the ride starts, riders are tilted forwards and backwards as their seats are moved back and forth in a pendulum motion. The outer shell then begins to spin. The ride creates the illusion that riders are being turned upside-down.

Madhouse rides are typically combined with a walk-through which tells a story.