The front of a cakewalk ride

The Cakewalk is a simple type of ride which was introduced around 1909 in the United Kingdom. It has two walkways which move both up and down and forwards and backwards, making it difficult to stay balanced. This creates a good spectacle which contributed to the Cakewalk's success. Historically, the speed of the ride would be adjusted to match the speed of the music being played.[1]

A Cakewalk ride, Old Tyme Brooklyn Cakewalk, is owned by British showman Lawrence Bishton and another, Brooklyn Cakewalk, operates at Folly Farm in Wales. Some larger Fun House rides also include cakewalk-esque moving walkways.

The ride takes its name from the cakewalk, a dance which took place in the Southern United States at get-togethers on black slave plantations.



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