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Welcome to Coasterpedia! This guide will demonstrate how to make a very simple edit. Click on any of the images to zoom in.


First I must find an article to edit. This is the Twist Coaster Robin article, and an important piece of information - the short operating time of this roller coaster - is not mentioned in the opening section. So I'm going to add some information. To do this, I'll open the editor by clicking the Edit button above the article, here highlighted by the red dashed box. I could also edit an individual section by clicking any of the edit buttons here highlighted by the blue solid boxes. The editor may take a while to load.

As I'm logged out, I'm greeted by some popup windows. Take a moment to read and dismiss them, they help explain the visual editor.

I'm now in the editor. Some page elements may have moved around a bit or look a little bit different, but overall the article looks almost the same. I can click on any section to modify it but for now, I'm just going to add some text. Just click anywhere and start typing! Don't worry about breaking anything, you can always cancel an edit and any mistakes are easily reverted.

I've added a couple sentences, seen here highlighted in blue. Now I'm ready to publish the article, so I click the Save changes button in the top right corner.

A popup window has opened. I can publish the changes right away by clicking the Save chagnes button, but I want to show you a couple important things first.

I have added an edit summary. While not essential, it's good to explain what you're changing and why. This will appear in the page history. Don't overthink it and keep it brief! I'll now click the Review your changes button.

All your changes to the article are displayed here. This can be useful for spotting any mistakes. I'll now click Save changes again to publish the article. That's it! I've added some information to the Twist Coaster Robin article.

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