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All pages on the wiki, including articles, user pages, talk pages, and files, have a unique title. The title of a page may be changed by moving it to a new title. The ability to move an article is available to registered users only. However, all editors may propose a move.

Even if one can move an article themself, it is a good idea to propose the move first if the move could be controversial. Inexperienced users may also prefer to propose a move due to technical reasons. Please never move a page by copying/pasting its content. Instead, follow this guide.

Moving a page

To move a page, make sure you are logged in. In the Refreshed (default) skin, the option to move is located under the "Page tools" menu in the top-right corner of the screen. The menu is hidden under the "...⌄" symbol. Alternatively, the move page is accessed by adding ?action=move to the end of the URL. From this point, follow the instructions above the move form. If you're still unsure, please ask an admin or propose the move instead (see below).

Proposing a move

Proposing the move will add a notice at the top of the page to inform other editors that a move has been proposed.

To propose a move:

  1. On the page you wish to propose the move, enter the source code editor
  2. Copy and paste the following on to the very top of the page: {{proposed move|newtitle=Your proposed new title|reason=reason for move}}
  3. Replace the placeholder text with your proposed new title and your reason for proposing the move
  4. Publish the page

Other editors now have the opportunity to discuss the proposal. If there are no objections, the page will be moved to the new title and the move notice removed.