Screamer (Rae Armstrong-Wilson)


The ride in 2011, under the ownership of Rae Armstrong-Wilson
Rae Armstrong-Wilson (UK)
Location Travelling
Status Operating since 1998
Joey Wilson (UK)
Location Travelling
Operated September 1996 to 1997
Brighton Aquarium Amusement Park
Location Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK
Operated 1995 to 1996
Tramore Amusement Park (loan)
Location Tramore, Waterford, Ireland
Operated During 1994
Fun Acres Amusement Park
Name Topsy Turvy
Location Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK
Operated 1987 to 1993
Botton's Pleasure Beach
Name Matterhorn
Location Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, UK
Operated August 1981 to 1986
Manufacturer Reverchon
Product Matterhorn
Capacity 40 per cycle

Screamer is a Matterhorn built by French manufacturer Reverchon currently owned & travelled by UK showman Rae Armstrong-Wilson. It has been owned by him since the end of the 1997 season.


The Matterhorn at Fun Acres in 1988

The ride was new in August 1981 to Botton's Pleasure Beach, Skegness. It originally had an alpine sports theme and the generic Matterhorn name.

At the end of the 1986 season it was sold to Walter Shufflebottom of Fun Acres Amusement Park in Southsea, Hampshire. Whilst at the park the ride received a repaint and rename to Topsy Turvy. For the 1994 season Topsy Turvy was loaned to Frank Gillane who operated the ride at Tramore Amusement Park in Ireland.

At the end of the 1994 season the ride passed to Wade Shufflebottom who operated it with a small number of other attractions at Brighton Seafront Amusements.

In September 1996 the ride was sold to UK showman Joey Wilson for a relatively brief period, before again being sold on to showman Rae Armstrong-Wilson at the end of 1997.

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