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Identifying Big Apple coasters[edit | edit source]

Pinfari[edit | edit source]

Giant (solid) apple and mushroom shaped ticket booth are listed in a Pinfari brochure, and a Pinfari model is pictured with giant flowers in the middle.

SBF Visa[edit | edit source]

A roller coaster which is defiantly SBF has a giant apple also, but it is not solid. Has same big flowers and train as Pinfari.

DPV Rides[edit | edit source]

Sometimes has "house shaped" tent which in some cases says Daniel Pinfari. Has caterpillar train, sometimes in different colours other than green, or different train.

Often have rounded track ties, later models appear to have hollow track ties.

DAL Amusements[edit | edit source]

Some of these have a different track type, with rails supported from inside rather than the more typical outside. Also only known company to have built a spinning Big Apple.

This company also sometimes builds coasters with a really weird dragon shaped train.