Achterbahn (Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern)

Roller coaster
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Achterbahn (Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern) 2018 12.jpg
Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern
Location Haren, Lower Saxony, Germany
Status Operating since 17 March 2018
Manufacturer ABC Rides
Product Tube Coaster
Type Steel
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 14 metres
Top speed 50 km/h
Length 350 metres
Inversions 0

Achterbahn (German for Roller Coaster) is a steel roller coaster located at Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern in Haren, Lower Saxony, Germany.


This roller coaster was originally planned to open in 2017. In June that year, it was delayed due to the surrounding themed area not yet being ready.[1] It opened on March 17, 2018.[2]


The loading platform

The track layout is a mirror-image clone of Familieachtbaan at BillyBird Park Hemelrijk in the Netherlands. It is part of a new medeival themed area called Castle Arkan. Riders must climb the Castle Arkan tower to access the boarding platform which is situated at the ride's highest point. The exit platform is at ground level and thus riders never experience the lift hill.[3]


3 trains with 2 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged inline in 2 rows, for a total of 4 riders per train.


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