Afterburner (Wonder Island)

roller coaster
Wonder Island
Location Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Status Defunct
Operated 2007 to 2016
Manufacturer S&S Worldwide
Type Steel
Model / product Screaming Squirrel
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height46 metres
Drop49 metres
Steepest drop100°

Afterburner was a steel roller coaster located at Wonder Island in Russia.

Design[edit | edit source]


It was basically an extended version of the Screamin Squirrel, It featured standard Turns and 2 inversions. The ride layout starts off by going up the lift hill, it then starts to drop at a 90 degree angle. Then it goes to about a 100 degree angle. It then turns, goes straight, turns once more, then drops again. It closed in 2016 due to safety concerns by the Russian Government.