Coasterpedia:Forum archive/Removing achievements

I'd like to ask what the community thinks about disabling the achievements system. Here is why I'd like it taken down:

  • Wiki editing is not a competition. Editors should not be ranked.
  • I have quadruple the points of MontagnaMagica, but have I put in quadruple the work? Quadruple the time? I don't think so.
  • The names of the badges are unimaginative and unpersonalised.
  • The pictures look ugly (including the rim bit that Wikia made), most of them aren't the correct aspect ratio.
  • They can be cheated, and I have witnessed users making nonsense edits (like adding whitespace) to cheat the system. If we use the old system, this isn't possible: We just say "No. You cheated." And move on.
  • They encourage mass-uploading of images. I've seen multiple people take pictures from Theme Park Review and the make shoddy picture galleries with twenty images in them.
  • The badge system looks bad in MonoBook (the superior skin). I really want Coasterpedia to keep supporting MonoBook as it is a great skin that Wikipedia used for years before they switched to the (not-so-good) Vector.
  • I hate Wikia and how they try to come across as "one big community" rather than individual communities. This feature is identical to ones used on thousands of other Wikia wikis and Makes us just like any other wiki on this crappy network.

Please consider my points and leave a comment below. I'm sure you now want it gone forever. Thanks for reading :) Lachlan5963 (Talk) 17:41, January 10, 2013 (UTC)