Coasterpedia:Image Policy

Green check.png This page documents a Coasterpedia policy.
It describes a generally-accepted standard that all editors should follow. Proposed changes may be discussed on the talk page.

To avoid the uploading of copyrighted images, this image policy had been created. All images uploaded to the wiki must follow these rules or they will be challenged and possibly removed. If you need help, just ask the admin.

What to Include

All images uploaded to the wiki must state:

  • A clear, descriptive name, so that others can find the photo when it's needed.
  • What is in the image (Example: This is Kumali at Flamingo Land). Remember to link to pages mentioned if necessary.
  • Who owns the image and any copyright notes (See Below).

How to Credit Photos

  • Copy the URL of the page containing the image.
  • Record the photographer's name.
  • Upload your photo.
  • Click "Edit" and enter the following: This photo was taken by photographer name from [[URL|website name]]

Websites We May Use

In the past, Coasterpedia has asked and received permission to use limited numbers of photographs from the following websites. Please don't use any copyrighted photographs unless there are no free-use alternatives.

RCDB may not be used. Even though they have many photos, they are copyright and not for reuse.