Cyclone (Kursaal Amusement Park)

Roller coaster
Kursaal Amusement Park
Location Southend On Sea, Essex, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated May 1936 to 1973
Brussels International Exposition
Location Brussels, Belgium
Operated 27 April 1935 to 6 November 1935
Designer / calculations Charles Paige
Type Wooden
Riders per train 24
Height 18.3 metres
Length 914.4 metres
Inversions 0

Cyclone was a wooden roller coaster designed by Charles Paige previously located at Kursaal Amusement Park in Southend On Sea, Essex, England, UK. It operated from 1936 until 1973. It was demolished in early 1974.[1] The Cyclone came from the Brussels International Exposition of 1935.[2]


  • On 28 June 1936, eight people were injured when two trains collided. One person was taken to hospital. One train had abruptly stopped at the bottom of a drop. After riders had evacuated the train, a second train hit the stopped train from behind.[3]
  • On 25 September 1937, a 23-year-old man was killed after he fell from the front row and was struck by the train. After his body was removed, it was placed on the train which then completed the rest of the ride.[4]
  • On 8 June 1952, a 25-year-old man fell from the ride and was taken to hospital with broken ribs.[5]


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