George W. Long

George W. Long Jr.
Nationality American
Company Dreamland (now Seabreeze Amusement Park)
Born 1892
Died September 27, 1988
Years active 1946-1973
Known for Operating Dreamland Park (now Seabreeze) and designing rides and roller coasters such as Bobsleds

George W. Long Jr. was an American amusement park operator, ride creator, and roller coaster designer and builder. George purchased Seabreeze Amusement Park in Rochester, New York, USA, in 1946, renaming it Dreamland. During his time as owner and operator, George created multiple roller coasters and rides unique to the park. His father, George Long Sr. owned the park previous to him. George operated the park through 1973, after which, his children took over operations.[1]

Philadelphia Toboggan Company

The Philadelphia Toboggan Company built carousel number 36 for George Long in 1915.[1] In 1926 the Carousel was relocated to Seabreeze from nearby Seneca Park to replace the original Long Carousel built by his father, George Long Sr. . It remained until 1994 when a large fire destroyed it along with much of the North End of the park. The carousel was famed for its grandeur and aftermarket electrical lighting system installed by George Long Jr.[1]

Roller coasters

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