Gold Mining Coaster

Roller coaster in Indonesia
Gold Mining Coaster
Jawa Timur Park 1
Location Batu, East Java, Indonesia
Status Operating since 2020 - 2021
Suroboyo Carnival Night Market
Name Tambang Mas Coaster
Location Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
Operated 2014 to 2018
Jawa Timur Park 2 (stored)
Location Batu, East Java, Indonesia
Sofia Land
Name Wild Mine Company
Location Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria
Operated 2002 to 2006
Manufacturer L&T Systems
Type Steel - Wild Mouse
Height 15 metres
Length 400 metres
Inversions 0

Tambang Mas Coaster is a steel wild mouse roller coaster located at Suroboyo Carnival Night Market in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. It was previously located at Sofia Land in Bulgaria.