Ingersoll Construction Company

Ingersoll Construction Company
Status Defunct
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Founded 1890
In business 1890-1927
Key people Frederick Ingersoll
Coasters built 227

Founded in 1890 by Frederick Ingersoll, Ingersoll Construction Company was one of the major roller coaster manufacturers of the United States. The company created the Figure 8 roller coaster design[1] and product featured at many parks around the world as well as multiple other types of rides and attractions. They went on to create 277 roller coaster around the world.[2] Famed roller coaster designer, John A. Miller was an early associate of Frederick Ingersoll[3]. in 1911, the company went bankrupt, however continued on as Luna Park Amusement Company, the world's first chain of amusement parks. [1] It should also be noted that due to the nature of the creation of multiple parks, there are a variety of incorporations that were created throughout the company's time of varying names for financial and international business reasons.[4] [5]

Frederick Ingersoll

Frederick Ingersoll was the founder of Ingersoll Construction Company. He was born in 1876 and died on October 23, 1927.[1][2] (See Also, Frederick Ingersoll)

Luna Park Amusement Company

Frederick Ingersoll created the first chain of amusement parks that included 44 individual parks around the world.[1][4][5] Each park was built after the model of Luna Park at Coney Island in New York City, New York, USA. Although the name was the same, Luna Park at Coney Island was not built or owned by Frederick Ingersoll, but rather by Thompson and Dorney.[2][3] The company closed following Ingersoll's unfortunate death in 1927.[1]