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Taunus Wunderland
Location Schlangenbad, Hesse, Germany
Park section Aryas Drachenschlucht
Status Operating since 1 April 2023
Soundtrack IMAscore
Rider height 125 cm minimum
Manufacturer SBF Visa Group
Product Enjoy The Flight
Capacity 12 per cycle
Area 15 metres × 15 metres
Power consumption 56 KW
Height 7 metres
Speed 28.8 km/h
Cabins 6
Animatronics 1

Milanflug (English: Kiteflight) is a Sky Racer built by Italian manufacturer SBF Visa Group currently located at Taunus Wunderland in Schlangenbad, Hesse, Germany. A milan, or kite in english, is a species of bird.


The ride is a Enjoy The Flight installation from SBF Visa. Riders have acces to a joystick in the middle of each ride vehicle. This joystick allows each guests to control how much their vehicle inverts. The ride is themed like a kite nest with the vehicles being kite's themselves.

Milanflug on 17 December 2023

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