Skyrocket (Lakeview Park)

Roller coaster in the United States
Lakeview Park
Location Battle Creek, Michigan, USA
Status Defunct
Operated June 23, 1929 to 1932
Boardwalk Park
Name King Bee
Location Whiting, Inidiana, USA
Operated July 4, 1925 to 1928
Builder Fred W. Pearce
Designer / calculations John A. Miller
Type Wooden
Inversions 0

Skyrocket was a wooden roller coaster that operated at Boardwalk Park in Indiana and later at Lakeview Park in Michigan.


The coaster opened as King Bee with Boardwalk Park in Whiting, Indiana on July 4, 1925.[1][2] It operated for three years. It was dismantled with the park in 1929.[3]

This roller coaster was relocated from Boardwalk Park with the assistance of John A. Miller.[4][5] It reopened at Lakeview Park in Battle Creek, Michigan as Skyrocket on 23 June 1929.[6][7]

The coaster closed with the park in 1932 and was demolished in 1934.[8]


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