Soquet Rides
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Status Active
Founded 1970
Key people Frédéric CHENAVAZ


Soquet is a French attractions manufacturer. They are known for a variety of family rides and roller coasters (both permanent and portable). One unique aspect of Soquet rides is the custom build contained in each build. No two Soquet rides are exactly the same (with the exception of a few fairground roller coasters). Soquet is also known for their consultation services, engineering expertise in a variety of fields, dedication to service of rides long after installation, safety, fulfillment of warranty claims, international relationships with parks, other manufacturers, organizations, and individuals.


Roller Coasters

Soquet is best known for their many roller coasters that can be found around the world. Many of their coasters are portable, such as Doble Loop (Aka Quantum Loop, Colossus), which was once a traveling coaster in the French fair circuits before finding a home at Seabreeze Amusement Park and now, at Salitre Magico in Bogotá, Colombia.

Many Soquet roller coasters are built in this portable style, but have found themselves to be permanent fixtures in a multitude of parks.

Electric Roller Coasters

Variations of electric roller coasters have existed throughout amusement park history. Soquet's versions contain onboard motors within the trains that make contact with an electrified "third rail" that runs along the underside of the track. These style roller coasters feature helixes, hills, turns, and crests with a wide range of speeds.

Water Rides

Image displaying a blueprint featuring the schematic of the baby flume ride concept.
Blueprints for the Baby Fume ride concept at Fraispertuis

A variety of flume style rides have been created by Soquet. Among these are multiple variations including a unique "baby flume" for infants and their parents.[1]

Other water attractions include traditional flume style rides, river rapids rides,

An image featuring an onboard electronic panel with gauges, buttons, key, and screens for a driver to view all sides of the train for safety.
Soquet onboard train control system

Miniature/Scenic Railway Trains

Soquet manufactures, and custom designs a variety of trains and wagons for miniature railways and scenic railways often found in amusement parks around the world. Their trains feature a combination diesel and pressurized pump system all controlled via an electronic panel for safer operation.[2]

Family Attractions

Singular Rail Style Attractions

Soquet creates custom family attractions such as the single rail Soaring Horse ride. These rides can be fitted with custom designed ride vehicles to match the desired theme of a park.[3] Other single rail attraction variations include a manual rider powered pedal car coaster[4] and its non pedal electrified version.[5] Again, each of these styles feature custom themed cars.

Vintage Cars

A classic in many parks, the Vintage Cars attraction feature a singular low lying electric rail that sits along the ground. Themed cars travel a set path over these rails as an internal motor utilizes electricity supplied from the rails to propel forward.[6] (**Note this is only one style of this ride as it is manufactured in a variety of styles and combinations by multiple manufacturers)