Stratosphere Tower Fishhook Coaster

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Stratosphere Tower Fishhook Coaster
Stratosphere Tower Fishhook Coaster Concept.jpg
Stratosphere Tower
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Status Cancelled
Cost $20,000,000
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Type Steel - Shuttle
Product Drop Coaster
Propulsion Elevator lift
Height 740 feet
Drop 700 feet
Top speed 122 mph
Inversions 0

The Stratosphere Tower Fishhook Coaster is a cancelled shuttle roller coaster by Arrow Dynamics that was to be installed at Stratosphere Tower in the early 2000s. It was to be a 700 foot tall shuttle coaster that was shaped like a fishhook.[1] Unfortunately, the coaster was cancelled due to the manufacturer's bankruptcy.


In 2001, Arrow Dynamics planned a tall fishhook coaster to be built at Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was going to be 740 feet tall and reach a top speed of 122 mph. The car would ascend an elevator lift and would be held over 700 feet. The car would drop 700 feet and go over Las Vegas Boulevard. It would then hit a 415 foot tall vertical rollback above Paradise Road.

The vertical rollback was close to a suburban community and a neighborhood, and residents complained that the coaster would be too loud. They didn't want to be distracted by the noise the coaster would make. Plus, the screams coming from passengers would also annoy the residents.

In February 2002, Las Vegas officials decided to reduce the height to 510 feet and the speed to 93 mph. The vertical rollback would also be reduced to 325 feet.[2] Also, the ride vehicles would be enclosed to reduce noise. The city council would begin construction in April. However, Arrow Dynamics filed for bankruptcy on December 3, 2001, and officially closed on October 28, 2002.



Single car trains. Riders are arranged 6 across in a single row, for a total of 6 riders per car.