Talk:Viper (Six Flags Great Adventure)

I've got an idea for this ride. They should bring it back, make it less rough and more smooth, and replace Green Lantern with it. This time, the ride will have a storyline and it's similar to that of Disaster Transport and X:/ No Way Out. A sentient robot (unnamed as of now) that's known for his expertise in defending his home spaceship has been infected by a virus (also sentient), and you have to save him. I don't know what Viper would have to do with anything, maybe it's the name of the ship in the story, your ship in the ride, the name of the virus, or the name of the robot himself. But it'd be fun, and hey, a Dive Loop gets replaced by another Dive Loop. ;) Supergirl (talk) 03:39, 9 November 2018 (UTC)