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This is a box used to hold data on the elements and inversions on a roller coaster. It floats to the left, and should be placed underneath the "Design" heading (==Design== in the source editor).

Usage[edit source]

Parameter {{{1}}} contains a bulleted list, formatted as such:

*[[Chain lift]] hill
*{{foot|114}} tall [[vertical loop]]
*[[Dive loop]]
*[[Zero-g roll]]
*[[Cobra roll]]
*[[Block brake]]
*[[Interlocking corkscrews]]
*[[Helix (element)|Helix]]

For lists with a large number of entries, the parameter |wide=yes may be added to reduce the height of the box. Replace the first line with:


For roller coasters with two tracks, format as follows:

|track1='''Track 1 name''':
*[[Helix (element)|helix]]
|track2='''Track 2 name''':
*[[Helix (element)|helix]]
*[[Helix (element)|helix]]

Considerations[edit source]

This template can easily make an article look cluttered, especially if there are already images left-justified. For simple roller coasters, consider writing about the elements in the ==Design== section instead. Avoid using this template when the coaster only has one or two elements.

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A box which contains a bullet list of elements on a roller coaster.

Template parameters

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.


Text to be displayed within the box

Wide element boxwide

When this parameter is given a value, the elementbox is wider. Used when the elementbox contains long element names

Track 1 elements (twin-track coasters only)track1

no description

Track 2 elements (twin-track coasters only)track2

no description