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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Info.svg This template is not intended for use on article pages. It is a generic template which may be used to create more specific templates. Please see below for guidance on where and how to use this template.

To create an amusement park navbox, pleas use Template:Amusement park navbox.

|header   = 
|templatename = <!-- the name of the template (not including "Template:"), only required if "header" is different to the template name -->
|image-right  = 
|image-right-size = 
|content  = <!-- use if no subheader -->
|title1   = 
|content1 = 
|title2   = 
|content2 = 
|title3   = 
|content3 = 

Currently, the navbox allows for eight subheadings and one content without subheading.

Visit Template:Navbox/doc to edit this text. (How does this work?)