Tickler (Chester Park)

Roller coaster in the United States
Chester Park
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Status Defunct
Operated 1908 to 1911
Product Tickler
Designer / calculations William F. Mangels
Type Steel - wooden
Propulsion Chain lift hill

The Tickler was an early steel roller coaster ride at Chester Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Ride construction was completed in 1908 after a patent was granted in 1907[1][2]. Around 1909, the Tickler was refurbished for a smoother ride and operated until it was destroyed in a major fire at the park in 1911.[3][4]


The Tickler, much like the Virginia Riehl, began with a loading station that lead to a chain driven incline that lifted the single car ride, barrel like vehicles to the its uppermost section. From here, the ride vehicle would traverse down a zig-zagging decline while spinning from the various forces created by the quick and sharp movements of the vehicles. Each vehicle featured a patented and specially designed rubber ring that would produce high impact bounces to send the vehicle back and forth from one side to the other on the track. Wooden and steel rails provided a barrier for the ride vehicle to propel itself against and to grip to add additional forces which would create faster and more thrilling spins of the individual cars.[1][5]


Single cars.


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