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Typhoon (Raging Waters Sydney)

Water slide
Rattler (left, yellow and purple)
Raging Waters Sydney
Location Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates 33°48′27″S 150°54′45″E / 33.807465°S 150.912567°E / -33.807465; 150.912567
Status Operating since 12 December 2013
Rider height 110 cm minimum
Environment Outdoors
Manufacturer WhiteWater West
Product Rattler
Riders per tube 2
Containment Partially enclosed
Length 91 metres

Typhoon is a WhiteWater West Rattler tube funnel water slide located at Raging Waters Sydney in Prospect, New South Wales, Australia.[1][2] The ride opened on 12 December 2013.[1][2]


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