Waltzer (Fairtrade Services product)

Fairtrade Services
Year Introduced 2008
Number Produced 23 (to date)

Waltzer is a Waltzer product currently produced by UK manufacturer Fairtrade Services. In addition to producing new machines the company carries out refurbishment and re-fitting of existing Waltzers.

Completed Attractions

Name Owner Location Opened Status
Deluxe Waltzer Daley Harniess
Travelling UK
May 2018 Operating
Dominator Dizzyland Funfairs
Travelling UK
October 2020 Operating
Extreme Waltzer David Taylor
Travelling UK
2021 Operating
Fireball Lunds Tivoli
Travelling Norway
2018 Operating
Re-Mix Waltzer Jordan & Billy Mitchell
Garry Evans
Travelling UK
Travelling UK
July 2018
April 2015
Closed July 2018
Scream Machine William Porter
Travelling UK
June 2019 Operating
Sound Wave GPL Amusements
Travelling Australia
December 2017 Operating
Super Waltzer Chris Danter
Travelling UK
March 2008 Operating
Supreme Waltzer James Irvin
Travelling UK
November 2015 Operating
Supreme Waltzer Joe William White
Travelling UK
April 2020 Operating
Supreme Waltzer William Thurston
Travelling UK
June 2020 Operating
The Ultimate Scream Machine Darran Church
Travelling UK
December 2016 Operating
Thunderdome John Collins
Alton Towers (loan)
Travelling UK
Alton, Staffordshire, England, UK
September 2020
Thunderdome John Davis
Travelling UK
June 2016 Operating
Thunderdome II John Coneley Jnr.
Travelling UK
August 2011 Operating
Ultimate Waltzer Darren Matthews Jnr.
Travelling UK
April 2019 Operating
Waltzer Abie Danter
Travelling UK
June 2008 Operating
Waltzer David Guyatt Jnr.
Travelling UK
September 2010 Operating
Waltzer Denzil Danter
Travelling UK
March 2015 Operating
Waltzer John Birch
Travelling UK
April 2016 Operating
Waltzer Treasure Island Amusement Park
Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, England
May 2012 Operating
Stuart Stanworth
Henry Stanworth
Travelling UK
Travelling UK
February 2019
March 2009
Closed February 2019
Waltzer XL William Henry Clark
Travelling UK
May 2010 Operating
XLR8 James Cole
Travelling UK
June 2013 Operating

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