Zipper (Chance product)

A Zipper ride in motion.

Zipper is a product from Chance Rides. As of 2019, 222 Zipper rides have been produced.[1] Most Zipper rides are operated on the fair circuit however in some cases they have operated as a permanent attraction. Two amusement parks which have operated a Zipper are Galaxyland and Trimper's Rides.


The Zipper was invented in 1968 by Chance Rides employee Joe Brown. When the first prototype was constructed the seats were open however, following a sandbag being thrown from the ride, cages were added. The attraction was manufactured continuously from 1968 to 2001. In 2015, a new Zipper was manufactured and sold to Skinners Amusements.


Each Zipper ride has 12 enclosed cars seating two riders each. Riders are kept seated by the cushioned cage door. The modern Zipper ride has additional over-the-shoulder harnesses.

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