BHS (Bayerische Hütten Stahl) was a mining and steel company located in Peißenberg, Bavaria, Germany. Along with Zierer, they manufactured parts for some of Anton Schwarzkopf's later roller coasters after his own company went bankrupt.

The amusement division of BHS was later taken over by Maurer AG.[1]

Roller coasters

BHS contributed to the following roller coasters:

Name Amusement park Location Opened Status
Big Roller Coaster

Formerly Andalusia Railroad

Wonder Island

Kure Portopialand

Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Kure, Hiroshima, Japan



Closed 1999 or earlier

Jetline Gröna Lund
Stockholm, Stockholms, Sweden
1988 Operating

Formerly BMRX

Camelot Theme Park

Kobe Portopialand

Chorley, Lancashire, England, UK
Chuo, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
March 1987

March 1987

Closed September 2, 2012

Closed March 31, 2006

Lisebergbanan Liseberg
Gothenburg, Göteborgs-Bohus, Sweden
April 18, 1987 Operating
Olympia Looping Travelling
September 17, 1989 Operating