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Blue Flash

Blue Flash

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roller coaster
Blue Flash
Location Vincennes, Indiana, USA
Status Operating since 2001
Designer / calculations John Ivers
Type Steel
Riders per train 1
Propulsion Chain lift hill

Blue Flash is a homemade roller coaster, designed and developed by John Ivers, and located in Vincennes, Indiana.[1] The ride began development in 2000, and was completed in roughly 2005, and has since been opened to the public. A second coaster, named "Blue Too" has also been developed by Ivers and is built in close proximity to the original.

Design[edit | edit source]


The ride lacks a proper station and has to be pushed by hand to the lift hill. The hill itself goes up the side of a metal barn propelled by a chain lift, and then drops while twisting to the left. The quick and forceful vertical loop follows immediately, and leads into the final helix.

Trains[edit | edit source]

The train is nothing more than an office chair with a few modifications to attach wheels designed for the track. It also has a seatbelt to hold riders in.

References[edit | edit source]