Coasterpedia:Guide to water slides

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This is a working list of water slide categorisation. Please feel free to expand it or discuss it on the discussion page.


For the purpose of this wiki, we define a water slide based on the following criteria:

  • It has a flow of water
  • It has a change in elevation
  • It has a clear start and end
  • It fits into one of the below classes

Dinghy Waterslides which are located in "dry" parks and not water parks are considered rides not water slides.


A water slide class refers to how the ride is ridden, this can be any of the following

Nothing is used except for the riders own body
The rider sits on a thin mat
The rider sits in an inflatable tube, commonly either ring or raft shaped although can be any shape


A water slide can be categorised into any of the following based on the elements they contain, for slides that contain multiple elements then multiple categories should be used.

Riders are dropped down a near vertical drop and then into an inclined loop
A bowl shaped element where riders circle around the bowl descending into the centre
Drop Launch
When the rider is dropped vertically from a platform at the beginning of the ride
Falling Exit
When the end of the slide is at least 1 metre higher than the pool
A diagonal funnel shaped element where riders oscillate back and forth across the base of the funnel
A small slide marketed towards young children, generally featuring no minimum height limit and no notable elements
Launched Water Slide
Uses an external propulsion mechanism to launch the rider
Multiple slides with a similar or identical length all starting and ending in a line, intended for riders to be able to race each other
A tube slide designed to look like a natural river with rough elements.
Speed Slide
A slide which features a large drop to accelerate riders to a high speed, they do not include any bends or change in direction
A slide which features a large sphere which is ridden through
A slide which is ridden by standing upright
A vertical element that is designed to be ridden up
Water Coaster
Not to be confused with a Water roller coaster, a water coaster has sections of upwards propulsion (typically water jets or electromagnets)
Water Play Structure
A kids play structure containing at least 1 water slide
A wide slide intended for multiple riders, unlike a racer it does not have separated lanes
Water slides rotating around a central pivot


When determining the enclosure of the slide, the entrance (anything before and including the first metre of decline) and run-out (anything including or after the last 1 metre of decline) should be excluded.

Name Description
Enclosed When the entire length of the slide is enclosed
Partially enclosed When the slide contains both enclosed and unenclosed sections
Open When the entire slide is not enclosed


When determining the environment of the slide, the entire length including entrance and exit should be consider. For example, when a slide starts inside, then exits the building, then reenters at the end, it should be considered 'Mixed'.

Name Description
Outdoors When the entire length of the slide is outside
Mixed When the slide contains both inside and outside sections
Indoors When the entire slide is inside a building